{ Starting up here again soon... }

Whilst we're waiting, here's the rough gist of what this site might be all about...

I've long loved "Coding" (usually with databases) and so wanted to try a spot of "de-Coding".  Because whilst I find IT amusing, I can see why it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Our profession has become much more customer-driven but the focus is on desk-side manner; walking in the shoes of the users.

Let's take that one "agile" step further by discussing the principles without the technicalities...   so we can all work together faster.

Just as a car mechanic will happily explain what's wrong without (hopefully) dragging us into the nuts and bolts of it, we could chat about database design and how folk interact with the data, starting from a Small/Medium Business's point of view.

Back soon.

PS a quick tool...

(Why this? Because go.microsoft.com just goes home, rather than letting you type the link number)

SSDT so good but...

(Why this? For illustrative purposes only; shows how geek-speak so often has to cut corners ;-)